Mydosty Proxy Hosting Sucks


Don't sign up for Mydosty proxy hosting. I'll show you why!

The Warning Signs

I can't believe I found this awesome deal. $2 a month proxy hosting with 40gb bandwidth if I sign up for the entire year. What makes it even better is that they have a Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee. I have nothing to lose! This deal is too good to pass up. I'll just sign up for the plan. Wait, what?

Well, which is it?

First, let it be noted that the description for that plan isn't even accurate. On the actual Proxy Hosting page, it lists 40gb of bandwidth if you sign up for the entire year. Still, this is a fantastic deal, I'll just clear up the matter through their support. Here is my support ticket. Let it be noted that on the date December 9th, 2008, the typo still stands, despite the site owner acknowledging it in the previous ticket.

So I signed up for the plan above. When I went to pay my bill through Paypal, it automatically set me up to monthly payments, instead of yearly payments. I had to cancel the subscription, but it's only a yearly payment, I don't need a subscription to handle that. Everything is going great.

Things Start To Look Better

The hosting account process went okay, and I quickly uploaded my sites to Mydosty and started splitting the traffic using DNS. Mydosty was receiving half of the traffic, which totaled around 1gb per day on their servers. I paid for an account that was meant to provide me with 40gb of bandwidth, with the notion that this is proxy hosting, so they have the hardware capable of handling it.

About five days in, I get a suspended page notice. What ensued next is just plain bullshit, as outlined by this support ticket. Let's walk through what happened in this ticket.

  • I ask why I was suspended
  • Apparently my proxy, which was promised 40gb of bandwidth, was using too much cpu for the server to handle (38.9%)
  • I acknowledge the issue and decide to cancel my account and request a refund.
  • He agrees and says I can have a complete refund if I ask within the first 30 days.
  • I cancel my account and mention that I will recommend this service for smaller proxies.
  • He thanks me.
  • Twice.
  • A few days later, I mention that my cancellation request was not fulfilled.
  • He assures me I won't be charged (wait, he means I'll be getting my refund, right?).
  • Weeks later, I ask for my refund of $20.
  • He says no because my account caused problems for other users when it used too much cpu.
  • I remind him I paid for a yearly account and that I only used his service for a few days. I offer to accept $18.
  • He threatens me with an extra charge for "braking the TOS" and then says I crashed the server.

I'm sorry, but what the fuck? First my account only used 38.9% cpu, now it crashed the server? That's bullshit. I could have used 100% cpu of that server and it still wouldn't have crashed. I have ran a FreeBSD server with an 800mhz processor and 256mb of ram, and it has never crashed because of resource usage from Apache, and I have ran considerably higher loads on it than Mydosty was receiving from me.

Even if I was using too much cpu, his offer is bullshit then. He promises to handle proxy hosting, which is known to be resource intensive. If 1gb of proxy traffic is too much to handle, what the hell is the point of offering me 40gb of proxy bandwidth a month? Don't offer that much if you can't support it.

My Take On The Matter

Dave Manchous, fuck you. You are a piece of shit. All you had to do was give me my $18 back and we would have been fine. Instead you decided to be a worthless asshole and keep my money that was meant for a yearly payment, on a service I used for maybe five days. I hope the $18 is enough to rent a rowboat so you can paddle yourself down the rivers of an eternal hell.

It will be my pleasure to post reviews of your hosting company anywhere someone may be considering your services. Hopefully someone is reading this article with the intention of signing up with Mydosty Hosting. Good thing they know better now. In fact, it looks like a bunch of people feel the same way as I do.

Hope you enjoy the $20