Last Seen Script For MIRC


A !seen script allows a user to type !seen nick, and it will display when the user was last in the room, when he changed nicks, what nick he changed to, and whether or not he is already in the room. This script will work in MIRC only. To use it, first download the script, seen.mrc, by right-clicking and selecting Save As. Save it to the folder C:\Program Files\Mirc\. Now, create a folder called "seen", no quotes, in the folder C:\Program Files\Mirc\. After this important step, load up MIRC and connect to the channel you want to use the seen script in. To load the script, type the following: /load -rs seen.mrc


This will only work if you saved the script as seen.mrc and have created a folder called seen wherever MIRC is located. To test the script type !seen and then someone's nick. If GaryS is in the room, you would type !seen GaryS and it would display a message saying "GaryS is currently in the room". If GaryS quits, and you type !seen GaryS, it will display the message "GaryS quit, at this time". If GaryS changed nicks to Gary and you typed !seen GaryS, it would display the message "GaryS changed nicks to Gary, at this time."