Myspace Surveys


Refresh for another random survey.

Have you ever been zerg rushed?

Do you understand what KEKEKEKEKKEKEKEKEKE means?

Have you ever been haxxed?

Have you ever pressed alt+F4 to dupe items?

Do you have any pures?

Have you ever been scammed LOL!!!11

Have you ever spoken to William Gates... or Steven Jobs?

Do you turn off firewall to allow programs?

What ports do you have open?

How often do you update virus definitions?

Have you ever turned off firewall IRL and got hax'd?

Have you ever been banned?

How many blax marks do you have?

If you are a nig on rs, do you pick flax?

Are you a chink or a bot?

Cook level IRL?

Have you ever requested assistance?

Have you ever scraped resin?

What is your cb level?

How often do you LAG?

WHO shot Tupac Blackur?

How many times was Curtis Blackson shot?

Do you have French resin installed IRL?

Is MHS123 on your ignore list?

Have you ever met Andrew?

Have you ever eaten a crumpet with Brits?

Have you ever been poisoned?

Pls, Plz, or Plox?


How would you describe the hair of Corey Banks?

What day is it still for Kevin Nolan?

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