Understanding the "Casino" in World of Warcraft

Section 1: What is the "casino" game in WoW and How can I establish my own?

Simply put, the casino is an user-hosted minigame within World of Warcraft in which the player sits in a major town (whichever is most populated on their specific server) and advertises their game in which the person placing their bets must roll a number above the designated number (typically 65 and above on a 1-100 roll). If they win, they receive back double what they traded in as a bet (if they bet 50g they get 100g back) and if they lose, the gold they traded to you is forfeit and becomes yours for them to try and win back if they choose to keep playing.

The specific steps will come as follows below, but as a general tip, always be honest and patient with the player to get a good reputation on your server so you always have a large player base. In the long run, the odds will always be in your favor given a large enough amount of players playing. I began the endeavor with 2k gold and made upwards of 300k in my career as a casino host! It takes time to build up a fortune, but with enough patient, this easy-to-do process can make you rich not only in game, but also, in real life if you choose to sell your gold on the market.

Keep in mind that the casino itself does not violate Blizzard's ToS (Terms of Service) Agreement despite what jealous players will tell you. This is 100% legal and profitable so long as you do not spam your advertising message that brings players in to your casino. Spamming is against ToS and will result in proper warnings/bans by Blizzard. (Keep in mind that US/EU do differ slightly in rules, and I am speaking about the US).

Section 2: Getting Started on your Path to Riches.

1) Create a level 1 character that looks cute and trustworthy (personally I chose the gnome because everyone sees them as tiny and innocent) and run to your faction's largest city. Once there, create an interesting guild name that reflects your casino. I recommend "Casino Royale" as one example, but the more creative, the better since it will set you apart from other wannabes!

2) A step often overlooked is the casino outfit on the player. People want to gamble at something that looks legitimate for the experience and feel. A black shirt, tuxedo, black pants, red rose, etc is a must. Be creative with your outfit because it a major factor of people choose you over your competition. This includes your tabard icon as well from your guild. There are dice and other gambling icons that you may choose so be sure to do so.

3) Macros are the most important part of any successful casino so be sure to spend a lot of time setting them up! These range from basic whisper macros to winning/losing ones and many more advanced ones that follow to help you manage your casion when it

gets busy with 10+ players at once.

- Advertise Macro: do NOT spam this. Keep it short and informative!


/s {Star} Welcome to "xxx's" Casino, whisper me for full rules! {Star}

Comment: This is preferable to put on action bar (Hotkey 5 or higher)

- Whisper Rules Macro: This is for when people whisper you and you reply the rules (this is to prevent posting rules in say chat for less spam).


/r Minimum bid: 10g | Maximum bid: Unlimited (or whatever you values you prefer)

/r How to play: Trade your bet amount

/r Do NOT roll before I announce your name in RaidWarning

/r If you do, your roll is NOT counted

/r 1-64 = Lose | 65-97 = Double amount | 98-100 = Triple

This macro is best to put at some place it is easy to reach, due to you will be pressing it every time someone whispers you for rules. (Hotkey 1-3)

- RaidWarning Macro: This macro is for when you announce in RaidWarning, group, and raid for who's turn it is to roll, this is for you to easier keep track of who's turn it is. You MUST have this macro.


/rw {Star}%t please Roll!{Star}

/raid {Star} %t please Roll!{Star}

/group {Star}%t please Roll!{Star}

Comment: With this macro, you simply target the player who's turn it is to roll, and click your macro. This macro will be used alot, so place it somewhere convenient. (Hotkey 1-3)

- Win Macro: This is for when target wins (you do NOT announce roll for a new customer before the last one finished his roll and you have traded the money if they won). Code:

/raid %t wins!


Comment: This one also requires you to have your current customer targeted.

- Raid Rules Macro: For posting the macro in raids, if people ask there. Code:

/raid Minimum bid: 5g | Maximum bid: Unlimited

/raid How to play: Trade your bet amount

/raid Do NOT roll before I announce your name in RaidWarning

/raid If you do, your roll is NOT counted

/raid 1-66= Lose | 67-97 = Double amount | 98-100 = Triple

- The Polite Whisper Macro: You need to right click player and select whisper, when the [type text window] is open, click the macro Code:

/whisper Hi there! Would you like to try out a fun game for a chance at gold?

Comment: Here you can put whatever you think might attract the most players, and provoke the least amount of players. Keep it short, use proper English, and Do Not Spam.

4) Find a good place to stand in the town of your choice. (I chose Ironforge and sat to the right of the bridge connecting the bank and auction house). Once there, you need to have your main character send over a decent amount of gold 1000g+ is best to get started. At the earlier stages of your casino, set the betting limits to lower numbers (10g to 50g or something) to avoid getting unlucky and losing your initial investment. Casinos are all about the long term,

5) To reiterate an important matter previously stated in this guide, do not spam your macros under any circumstances. Spamming is an offense that can be punished by a time or even a permanent ban. The more courteous you are with the other players, the more likely they will choose your casino over an obnoxious spammer.

Section 3: Mathematics behind your profit and player mentality

People who have studied gambling patterns in real life feel that they can make a profit off of casinos by what is known as the "double-up per loss method". In this theory, the player keeps betting 5g per bet until he/she loses, in which case, they double their bet to 10g, then 20g, then 40g, etc each time they lose because they feel that their chances reset and they are "due" to win more. However, as you will see, the odds are still heavily in your favor in the long run. The following chart disproves this theory and provides you with the specific amounts:

1 time in a row: 5g - 66% lose chance
2 times in a row: 10g - 43,56% lose chance
3 times in a row: 20g - 28,75% lose chance
4 times in a row: 40g - 18,97% lose chance
5 times in a row: 80g - 12,52% lose chance
6 times in a row: 160g - 8,27% lose chance
7 times in a row: 320g - 5,46% lose chance
8 times in a row: 640g - 3,60% lose chance
9 times in a row: 1280g - 2,38% lose chance
10 times in a row: 2560g - 1,57% lose chance (I have had countless of people lose this many times)
11 times in a row: 5120g - 1,04% lose chance
12 times in a row: 10240g - 0,68% lose chance

At this point, most players are bankrupt. Now, let's look at the percentages in depth. There is a 0.68% chance that a player using the double bet system will lose 20475 gold if he starts off with 5g. Now, if the casino was sitting on 50k gold, and this dude wanted to bet 5g repeatedly until he won 1k, you can see that the odds really are not in his favor. He would have to win 200 times for him to earn 1k gold. Now, 200 times with a 0.68% chance to lose 20475 gold per initial 5 gold bet does not seem very smart.

Section 4: Other profitable games that you may wish to offer

Roulette: The player states the number he/she wants to bet on and for how much gold, and then /rolls from 1 to 38. If he/she successfully rolls their number, the payout is 35-to-1. That means, if he/she bets 10g and wins, he/she gets 350g. If they fail to roll their number, the bet becomes yours as profit.

Now the key to profit is how you set your betting limits. For example, if you set your betting minimum to 1g and maximum to 40g, you must be able to afford a 1400g payout (40g x 35). So I recommend beginning with a rather low betting limit until you accumulate a lot of gold in this manner.

This equation means that given any bet of 1g, you will make .05g in the long run as profit through the game of roulette. Because of the 35-to-1 payout, this game is often popular on US

It's also possible to bet some of your earnings at the Online slots that are available for every user to try their luck. Payouts are generally more consistent in the long term, so make sure you don't stop after short term wins or losses.

servers and gives the player a much greater thrill despite being for the same amount of gold as a simple 1-100 roll.

Section 5: Last Words

With enough patience, this is a great way to make free gold and generate income for whatever you may need. Always remember to be courteous and innovative to keep yourself above the competition. Coming up with slightly different variations of games can draw in customers so feel free to experiment once you generate a decent income and can afford to try new things. I hope you, the reader, found the guide useful in setting up your own casino in World of Warcraft. May fortune endlessly smile upon you, but if it doesn't, know that the odds are eternally in your favor!