Read about the signup bonus that 9Stacks and GetMega gives to a valid user

Are you interested in online poker games? Want to know about the signup bonus given to valid users by online poker platforms? No need to take a load, here we will tell you about the signup bonus given to valid users by 9Stacks and GetMega. But, before we know about the signup bonus provided by these two online poker platforms, we will briefly tell you about the two online platforms 9Stacks and GetMega.

Poker is a very popular card game played both offline and online all over the world in casinos and other online poker sites. The game has specific rules and based on those rules it is decided which player has the best hand.

Online poker gaming site


9Stacks is one among many gaming platforms that offer online games. It originated initially in India and offers players the opportunity to enjoy online poker games. Founded in 2017, it is among one of the safest platforms in India to enjoy poker games, explore more about and play with thousands of players. It offers you to play real money poker games and also provides you with a real-time gaming experience and also the chance to win real money. 9Stacks is solely based on online poker games and can be used for playing poker regularly as well.


GetMega is an online gaming platform that provides a real-time gaming experience, with real money. In GetMega, you can play many games and the games are put into three categories: cards, casual trivia. You are free to play card games like poker, rummy and also carrom and pool with your friends. It also provides the option to talk and see each other by turning on their audio and camera. This will give you a real-life experience and enjoy the game with your friends and members. The app is safe and provides a fun, and exciting gaming atmosphere to its users.

Signup bonus provided by 9Stacks and GetMega to its valid user

Sign up bonus is the reward given to the users by the gaming sites who sign up themselves, deposit money and play poker, which involves real money. It is given to the users who are using money in the game and are valid. The money offered by them is usually paid by generating revenue that is done by collecting a rake. The rake is the small amount taken from the pot or the tournament fee taken by the user. The signup bonus is applied to ensure that the users who are regular and loyal to the sites are kept always and also to bring new users and players. The signup bonus money can go high in amount also and may or may not be fixed.

Sign Up bonus by 9Stacks

9Stacks is emerging as one of the best online poker apps. In 9Stacks, you need to register yourself in the app and complete their KYC. After being done with all the procedures, an amount of Rs 100 is credited to your poker balance as a bonus for signing up in the sign. To get this money, no coupon code is required. The registration in 9stacks is free after joining you get a bonus as a welcome gift from the site. You need to enter your mobile number and enter the OTP sent on your number. After the KYC is completed, the system automatically credits you with Rs 100. You have free access to it and no need to deposit money or apply a code at this time to avail of this prize.

Sign up bonus by GetMega

GetMega is among the best online gaming sites. It also offers its users a welcoming gift when they sign up in the app. When you sign up in GetMega, it offers you 60 gems, which are worth Rs 84 approximately and each time when someone registers by your refer you earn up to 40 gems, which are worth Rs 28 approximately. You can use the bonus fully and do not have to make any investment for initially playing the games. You need to register via Facebook and enter your number, you will receive an OTP, and after verifying it continue with the play to complete option. After playing your first game, which includes simple questions, you will earn the real money, 60 gems.


9Stacks and GetMega are the two best online gaming platforms that provide you with real-time gaming experience and a chance to win real money. The most interesting thing about the game is that they provide you with a signup bonus at the time you register on the site. You can use the rewards with no initial payments made at that time. So, go get yourself registered now and start playing exciting games.