Denver Nuggets versus Minnesota Timberwolves March 19th 2024

The Denver Nuggets continue to prove why they are the champions and everyone else is not. The timberwolves “two towers” cannot match up to the MOUNTAIN that is the 2 time MVP and finals MVP Nikola Jokic. I joked to my mother before the game today to mortgage the house and bet on Jokic winning because after Kyrie Irving’s legendary buzzer beater to ice the game against Jokic the other night, there was absolutely no way Jokic was going to lose again. And in a close clutch ending game Jokic didn’t allow a buzzer to take him out this time and instead came out the victor by three points. No three pointer could beat him, only an overtime was waiting against him and his robin Jamal Murray.

Jamal Murray deserves further discussion for one of the greatest players of all time. I am sure he will be on the top 100 players come the top 100 list in 23 years from now. His game can be called nothing less than Kobelike, Kobe Bryant esque. His devotion to meditation and embodiment of the kobe mentality gives you a sharp shooter in the clutchest moments of games. A player who can knock you down 50 without batting an eye while playing alongside the most dominant man on earth. The world has not seen anything like this since Shaq O’neal and Kobe Bryant. And the Denver Nuggets have the makeup to become a three-peat championship group.

Nikola Jokic is on route to a class Lebron James himself has always only dreamed of. He deserved 3 MVPs already and is likely to be given his third this year. And a three-peat is something only achieved by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O’neal, and Kobe Bryant in the modern era. An unblemished dynasty. The Golden State Warriors fell short a three-peat when Kevin Durant’s achilles tore. The journey to a three-peat is long and hard and nothing is guaranteed. But Jokic seems like the Superman that can do it alongside a black mamba like Jamal Murray.

The teamwork of the Nuggets is nothing short of extraordinary. And Michael Porter Jr’s back recovery has proven medical science of today was correct to bet on. He’s huge. He deserved to be a number one draft pick. He shoots like a shooting guard. Tall. Strong. Powerful. Fast. Everything one could want in a third option. And his lackluster performance in the finals last year cost the Nuggets nothing because a bad Porter Jr is still a huge dominating basketball player.

Aaron Gordon should be a starter for most teams. And hes backing up Jokic. These centers cannot be stopped.

The Denver Nuggets will play at home against the New York Knicks March 21st

By Author David Nagler

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