Instagram stories: Why they are

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Instagram the latest business tool

As time passes and we are near another revolution, Instagram is taking different initiatives to become a successful part of the revolution. Instagram is no longer a photo and video sharing platform; instead, it has become a place for business. 

The world has changed, and now almost everything has gone digital. You can get food, daily accessories, groceries, and even talk to the doctor. Instagram has opened new gateways for those people who want to do something but somehow can’t go outside. However, you need to understand the marketing tools to have a good business profile. 

Instagram story is not only a way for quick updates, but it holds great significance in marketing. 

Here are the 09 reasons why Instagram stories are essential and how they can help you to gain more Instagram followers

Let’s get into depth about how stories are going to help you.

Brand exposure:

People who follow you get notified when you share a story; furthermore, it appears top of the feed with a ring indicating a new update. Instagram research shows that five stories a day can keep your retention rate up to 70%. So, you need to upload at least five stories, and you can’t keep yourself restricted to one or two stories. 

Updating regularly on stories will increase your brand visibility, and ultimately you can reach a bigger audience. 

Engage with your audience:

According to research, Instagram is a place where people engage most. This is the biggest reason why Instagram stories are an essential tool in marketing. You must invest your time in stories to upload premium-quality videos and pictures. You can also use stories to upload different content and get your audience’s ideas, whether they like it or not. You can take it to your feed according to the results then. When you get 10,000 Instagram followers, you can add swipe links to your stories. You can lead your audience directly to your websites and other designated pages. 

Get immediate response from the audience:

Instagram stories are the most convenient and quickest way to engage with your audience by getting instant feedback. You can ask questions and post polls on your stories to get your audience’s feedback about any topic. Stories stay for 24 hours, meaning people who don’t follow you can discover your stories. All you have to do is to maintain the standard of your stories. You can also use stories for research purposes for social work or your product and service. 

Kill two birds with one stone by re-sharing content: 

You can use your old content to re-share your stories and get double benefits. First, you will get engagement on your re-shared content; second, your stories will add value to your account. It is a case of killing two birds with one stone. Additionally, to make your content more attractive, you can edit the background aesthetically and add music and stickers.

Brand sincerity via stories:

Stories are the perfect place to share efforts and hard work. You can share the story of your business and your journey. Also, you can take your team to this platform. You can share how you work and what kind of equipment you use. You can also share your behind-the-scenes videos and pictures to make your brand or product more transparent and sincere. People will only appreciate it if you share your blood and sweat story. It is an excellent chance for you to stand out in your product. You can use this platform to try out different challenges and can tag people in your stories. People will share their side of stories and mention your account, and it will increase your audience.

Factual and realistic marketing strategy:

The most appropriate and approachable marketing strategies are factual and realistic ones. Always use your stories to speak about the events currently happening around your surroundings. For example, you can ask people for charity and donations if there is a natural disaster. Ultimately you will get public attention significantly as these are the public concerning matters. 

You can speak about social issues to the aware public; also, it is a great platform to teach people about a particular topic. 

Instagram story ads services:

Instagram introduced story ads not long ago to make them more worthy and valuable. You can target your required audience with the highest expected results by story ads feature. Furthermore, stories are used to collect data showing public opinion related to your content. 

There are a few apps considered to be best for creating engaging Instagram stories:



Adobe spark

Photo grid


Keep abreast by updating regularly:

A study shows that almost 500 million people use Instagram stories daily, and 58% of people decide to use a brand or product after watching their stories. Then why not get benefits from your stories? You must update your stories regularly to get an audience and engagement in your stores. You can not even miss a day and break the mechanism. 

Maintaining relationship with your followers:

Stories can take your relationship with customers and followers to another level. You can DM and reply to your stories in messages and what can make you their favorite is your response. You can maintain a good relationship with your followers and help you be recognized and verified by the public.