5 Reasons why your Instagram advertising fails


Instagram is the place where 35% of the adult population with access to the internet goes every day to interact with each other, share stories and follow their favorite celebrities and brands. That percent translates into over 1 billion active users that you can attract to your business. If you are not using InstaGrowing for this endeavor, you are already failing at using this social media platform in your favor. Here are other 5 reasons why your advertising campaigns on Insta usually end in disaster:

Your posts are not provocative enough

Think of your Instagram posts as the makeup or the fancy clothes that you wear when you go out to attract a potential partner. If you lack style and attractiveness, the chances of luring in a new lover are very slim. You might have a seductive personality, but most people will not take their time in discovering it if your looks fail to impress.

The same goes for every video and image that you post on your Instagram feed. If you are trying to sell a product or a service, or simply to raise awareness over your brand, you have to do it in a provocative, shoppable manner.

You can create an exciting image for your company on Instagram using the advertising tools that they have on display. A bit of photo-editing, a few musical stickers and a pinch of accurate hashtags can transform a banal post into an invitation for potential customers everywhere.

Your checkout process is too slow

Now that you have figured out how to make your posts more attractive, you need to sort out the other steps that lead the customer from love at first sight to opening his wallet. You might find that while you get many likes and views for your posts, the sales conversion is too low. In this case, you need to reconsider the checkout process.

Instagram users do not like to go through too many steps when they want to acquire something online. They favor one-click checkout solutions that big retailers usually employ. Your best choice is to follow their lead and use the same process for your Insta business page to keep the customer's interest and satisfaction from start to finish.

Your followers are not real

Every profitable company out there chooses to buy followers for Instagram and boost its audience. There are many services that offer these solutions, but you need to make sure that you pay for a professional one that delivers real followers for your account.

If you accidentally purchase fake followers, you will have close to 10,000 users in your "followers" list, and barely get a dozen likes and views for every image or video you post. This mishap is a clear sign that you have invested in a false solution from an unprofessional company.

Paying for Instagram followers is an excellent method of building up a large database of loyal admirers that can convert at any time into paying customers. All you need to do is to pay for this service with a consumer-trusted company and receive the number of followers that you would normally attract in a year within a couple of days.

Your posts are too sales-orientated

Instagram is an outstanding tool for promoting your business. However, if you make your posts only about promotional ads for your products and services, you risk losing a large number of your loyal followers.

Insta users do not like to open their feed and receive only ads, regardless if they are videos, stories or images. If you alternate your promotions with regular posts that talk about your employees, your community, or which refer to current events and holidays, you show your followers that your company is more than just about sales and profit.

You are using the same tools over and over again

Instagram offers a myriad of advertising tools and opportunities. Furthermore, they release new features every couple of months to refresh the users' appetite for the app.

If you are still stuck on promoting your brand through images and videos only, you are already losing the interest of potential customers.

Try using Instagram Stories as often as possible. Include new features in your posts, such as surveys and musical stickers to make them relevant and up-to-date.

Refrain from making or repeating any of these five mistakes and treat Instagram as the pacesetter of your online marketing strategy to get the best results.