CBD Oil for Pets – Combining It with His Medication

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In the United States, dogs far outnumber cats in many homes. This is not to say they are not popular, just not in this part of the world, and instead, cats are revered in other continents such as Asia. Canines are possibly the best companions any animal could make, hands down. They are playful, cheerful, loyal, cute, and helpful to name a few of their countless good traits.

On the flip side, being a pet owner comes with some responsibilities, and if you’re not familiar with these, click here to find out what this commitment entails in both good times and bad. Feeding them, bathing them, taking them out for walks, playing with them, some read to them, some dance with them, the list of jobs is endless, but for anyone who loves these creatures sees this as a pleasure rather than a chore. It is amazing when our dogs are fit and healthy and around for us, but when they get ill, it is not the best feeling in the world.

These canines are prone to just as many health conditions as humans and things such as anxiety, pain, arthritis, epilepsy, tumours and types of cancers, pain and discomfort are some of the common things they get affected by. Often, this can't be helped, sometimes it is genetic and other times the cause is unknown.

When suffering from any ailment, they too struggle to sleep, struggle to walk or move and everyone has felt like this at least once in their lifetimes, and remember how uncomfortable it is, the only difference is we can tell our doctors what’s going on and how we feel, dogs can’t, so pet owners are their voice. Whether it is a painful condition or not, there are things we can do to comfort our dogs once he gets back from his doctor, and below we have included a few of these.

How to Comfort Your Dog When He Is Sick

The BlueCross website here: https://www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-advice/caring-your-sick-dog# has some very good tips for us on this topic, and we have also included a few below too. So, how do you care for your canine when he is not feeling his best?

Giving Him Medication - After you’ve taken him to the vet and he has been prescribed medication, there are a few ways to administer it to him, and this can either be directly or indirectly. We cannot stress how imperative preparation is and if you don’t prepare the “stage” well, you may end up wasting the medication by dropping it on the floor or simply poking someone’s eye out from all the fidgeting.

Dogs are insightful and intelligent creatures, so make sure when preparing to give him his dose, you do the groundwork quietly so he doesn’t run out or you don’t have to chase him around the house. Collect everything you need, like his medicine, a towel, some water, perhaps have someone help you by holding his front legs so he doesn’t pawn at your hands. If the dog is still a puppy or a small-sized pooch, you can wrap him up in a towel, snug but not too tight.

Also, try and get him in the corner of a room so he has nowhere to run.

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If the medication is in tablet format, the easiest thing is to hide it in his food. However, if it needs to be given on an empty stomach choose something that it can stick to such as a small piece of cheese or a bit of pate, and put the tablet inside it, making sure he is on an empty stomach when you give it to him.

If the medicine is in liquid form and doesn’t already come inside a tincture bottle, you can buy an empty one from a health store and pour it into it so it is easier to give it to them, either on his tongue or in his water. It is available in the form of CBD treats. In short, using CBD for cats and dogs is common now.

CBD oil is well-known for its accelerating healing properties so chances are this combination will make your canine feel better within no time at all, thanks to the natural plant extracts “little helper”. However, when serving dogs with something as safe as CBD Oil, it easy to overdo it – don’t. It is a new substance you are introducing to his system so it could cause constipation or diarrhoea especially the little ones, and this would hinder any chance of keeping it inside of him.

Point to note is, only if the vet allows it, you can combine it with his medication, do not self-dose your pet at any time. Moreover, you can visit this site to get your hands on the best cbd oil for dogs.