Must have apps for every blogger

Irrespective of the theme of your blog, you will have a lot of behind the scenes work that’s rarely known to the audience. From creating content to editing pictures, putting up stuff on social media, running a blog successfully involves a lot of work. You really need to break your echo chamber. So, be it a full-time professional blogger or an amateur newbie, the only way to be successful in the field is by being organized.

So, for this, I myself use a bunch of organization apps. There are to-do lists and calendars that are incredibly important for bloggers. For that, you have apps to rely on. Since I have been blogging for a while, I have come up with a bunch of apps that will prove to be quite helpful for you all.


First – Apps that help you with scheduling posts on social media

Sonia, who works with a platform where you can ask write my essay for me, says that to say ahead of time and to grow her network, she always schedules her posts on social media. Some apps that you can use for this include:

  1. Hootsuite – It is an incredible app for social media management. You can use the app to work with other users to effectively manage platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, and others.
  2. Buffer – Buffer is a simple tool but proves to be effective if you wish to schedule platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  3. Bitly – When you wish to track your links, shorten your links, or manage the engagement, you can use the Bitly app.

Second – Apps to Organize Photos

For bloggers, it is important to carefully organize their photos for future social media posts and blog posts. For this, you can use apps like:

  1. iCloud Photo Sharing – For a blogger who has a team with several members, it gets difficult to get the photos back and forth. So, for easy file transfer, you can use the iCloud Photo Sharing that works with all Apple products.
  2. SmugMug – When you are traveling all by yourself, but wish to keep all your high-resolution files handy, you can use SmugMug.

Third – Apps for saving posts and organization

To save posts and organize them, you can use the following apps:

  1. Pinterest - Kylie, who offers online assignment help, says that every time she needs a saving inspiration for her posts, she uses Pinterest. Using this platform, you can save all images that inspire you.
  2. Bloglovin’ – It is similar to Pinterest but is for the blog posts. On this, you can save all the blog posts that you love. You can use this as a platform to connect with other bloggers and get inspired by their work.
  3. InstaPaper – The app is owned by Pinterest and is a great app for bookmarking. You can use this for text bookmarking.  
  4. Pocket – In the pocket app, you can save any online web page that interests you, including videos, blog posts, etc. These can be later viewed, even offline. It is a perfect app for flights.

Fourth - Apps for blog writing on the go

To keep your ideas and notes handy for an easy blog writing, you’ll need excellent blog writing apps. Some of these include:

  1. Pages
  2. Google Docs
  3. Evernote

Mostly these apps are similar in functioning, but each of them still has a set of unique functions that depend on your online preferences and needs.

Fifth - Apps for Project Management and Team Organization

When your blog is growing online, you also need to work towards growing your team. You can try out team collaboration tool like Office 365. Learn more about Hybrid Migration Office 365. So, for this, you need to look for apps that help you be organized. These include apps like:

  1. Asana – Asana is an excellent app for ensuring a fine workflow. Mia, who offers online assignment help, says that she loves the Asana app as it helps her organize and manage everything from start to finish. From your grocery to social posts, everything can be organized via the Asana app.
  2. Slack – Slack is a good app that has a bunch of productivity tools and is ideal for communication. For a team with distinct time zones, this is a great app.  
  3. Trello – Using the Trello app, you can delegate your project and manage it well.

Sixth - Apps for easy organization while traveling

To stay organized while flying, you need apps like:

  1. App in the air – It is a great app that helps you organize your flights online. You can even explore airports, get through security, find an estimate of check-in time, and pass the passport control via the app.

Seventh - Business Apps

To ensure smooth running, security, and proper functioning of the business, you need apps like:

  1. VPN – It is an excellent app that adds an additional layer for security on the computer. It keeps your internet traffic, voice calls, emails, music, and videos protected.
  2. DocuSign – Chandler, who offers the best digital marketing course online, says that he loves this app as it helps him sign or get the documents signed online. You can sync the app with Gmail for instant and easy access.

QuickBooks - It's a premium accounting software widely used by CPAs and Accountants. It simplifies your accounting and invoicing. It is also available on cloud and it's advised to try out QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud version of it. It's also useful for tracking winnings on 918kiss.

So, these are some really important and helpful apps for the bloggers.