So, You Want to be a Content Writer?


Content writing is one of those occupations that you can choose to do as much or as little as you feel able, but once you do find your niche you will find yourself in demand especially if you are creative and able to put your point across simply and jargon free.

Just imagine if there were no content. Websites would be no-existent and marketing campaigns could not possibly run without it, and what about Google? Or Newspapers for that matter?

But do not be fooled into thinking that being a content writer is an easy occupation as like anything else done properly, it takes a good deal of practice before you can actually say that you are a successful content writer.

A good content writer knows their readers and what is wanted. If you have no idea who you are writing for (what the audience is expecting) then you are never going to engage them and therefore you will not gain any traffic making your article worthless.

For instance, Remember right at the beginning of the article I mentioned being jargon-free?

Using language that is not easily understood will put people off reading your articles and will not put you in a good light with those that would hire you.

Speak to your reader in such a way that it is easily understood, so be direct, use an active voice which makes your topic clear and reader specific. Keep your article simple and try not to ramble even if you are writing on a topic that excites you. Your readers can detect when you are rambling and will quickly turn to someone else's content.

Staying consistent is not as easy as it might sound as it can be easy to confuse the reader or overload them with insignificant information.

For instance, if the content was to be about the latest new UK casinos then the writing would be of interest for those that are interested in gambling. Answering questions that are pertinent to the subject with clear concise answers and that cover all aspects of the subject matter will engage the readers interest, and keep them reading.

One vital aspect of content writing it to remember always to make sure your sources are both true and fair. There is no point providing your readers with any content that can be proven untrue and any links that you are asked to include in your article should be safe for the reader to click on.

Owning the ability to swap your writing styles really does help your creative side come to the fore and allows you to hone those styles that you might be weaker on, making you a stronger, more sought-after content writer.

Which is exactly what you want to be.